Sacovitta is a product by Papeles El Carmen

Papeles El Carmen is a family business founded in 1952, with more than 60 years of experience and know-how offering  a wide range of flexible packaging and customized packaging of the highest quallity. Our company offers a wide range of products: bags made of plastic, paper and new materials, food packaging, paper for business and industry, different types of rubish bags, and innovative food packaging, such as Sacovitta.

We offer a high production capacity, with 3 manufacturing plants: one for paper for food packaging, one for rubish bags, and a multi-product plant. We run control tests for raw materials, internatl production processes and final products in our own laboratory.

Our commitment to constant improvement involves continiuos R+D investment, innovation and adaptation to market needs by developing new products like Sacovitta, Paperwin, Laypel or Silverpal, together with a deep environmental commitment.


Ctra. Alzuza, s/n. | C.P. 31486 Alzuza (Navarra)
Phone. + 34 948 330 162  | Fax. +34 948 330 779